10 Proven Strategies To Increase Instant Website Traffic

Are you not getting traffic? NO! So, today I will tell you 10 Proven Strategies To Increase Instant Website Traffic paid and unpaid. So, read the full blog. Let’s Get Started.

So some questions are there before we start.

Can I get traffic without SEO?

Definitely, you can get Traffic Without Doing SEO.

1)You can run ADS on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram or ADword.

2)you can write a guest post on another website to increase ranking.

3)Create a Brand on social media ( also you get followers and fam).

So let’s go on another Question.

Can we get traffic from social media?

Yes, Social media is an easy way to get traffic instantly. So we covered already in below just read that. I can say with confidence that you will get traffic by reading or after by applying.

Can We Get Traffic Organically?

Getting traffic organically is not simple but also not impossible.

There are many techniques which we covered in this blog which will help you to increase traffic organically. Google, Bing and more search engine will help you.

What Are The Way To Increase Instant Website Traffic?

1)Use Attractive Blog Post Title

Attractive Headlines are the way you can get more visitors,

Attractive title pulls the user to read your blog.

2)Use Best Plugin

The plugin is very important for website/blog, If your website/blog speed and traffic is low, then you should use this plugin,

which I recommended:-

  1.  Thrive Architect: is the Best plugin for designing the page, this plugin is more advanced than other plugins. Currently, I am using Thrive Architect for designing this page.
  2. WP Rocket: This plugin is the no.1 plugin for increasing your website speed, This plugin gives such an amazing feature which helps you to boot your Blog speed and after using this plugin you can decrease the size of your blog and it helps a lot for you.

3)Do On-Page SEO

On-page SEO will not only increase traffic but also your page speed will also be increased and will work properly.

on page seo

So, you must have seen and understood this backward, but still, I will explain to you a little according to myself.

let’s start,

  • Optimize Your Title Tag 

The way to optimize the title tag is that when you write your posts, you should make the headings according to like it. the first h1, then h2, h3 so on.

So from this, when Google crawls your site, it will look good and clean, so it will bring your site up.

  • URL Must Be Clean

URL should always be neat and clean. Such as wikiSearch.in / how-to-start-podcast / | Not so wikiSearch.in / 2019/127449384 / Podcast.url should be clean

  • Extremely Amazing Meta Description

When you write a post, do not forget to write the meta description because when your post comes in the search engine, it will appear below the title.

As you might have seen in upper photos.

The meta description will bring ranking from your site and traffic will also increase.

  • Make Your Website Faster Then Rocket 

Everyone asks me why someone comes to our site and gets bounced back because brother, your site page speed is very high.

Let’s take an example:- Like if you ever searched Google on something like “How to make dal makhani” The time it takes for you to come to the landing page, you will have to decrease that time. Because when the landing page is not open to the user, it will be a bounce-back.

4)Do Off-Page SEO

So you must have understood the on-page, so let’s go to the off-page,

People say that off-page is not necessary for a website, this is the wrong as much as it is required of the on-page, but also of the off-page.

In the off-page you have to cover these things:-

Link Building-

The link building is necessary for the website. And so the ranking of your website will be increased.

Article Submission:-

Article submission means submitting an article to someone else’s website and taking a backlink. It will still work as well as in future.

5)Use the SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is ALSO IMPORTANT for WEBSITE because it keeps its website safe and secure.

I have written a whole blog/article, you can read them What is an SSL certificate? | how it works.

Google will trust you and bring your site to Google’s 1-page.

6)Do Paid Advertisement

Paid Ads You can bring traffic directly to your website and generate a sale and Can earn money.

Every blogger does this trick and earns double triple by putting some money.

After publishing a blog, transfers traffic directly on the website by running ads on Facebook ADS and other platforms.

7)Take Good theme for your website.

With a good theme, people will feel trust and stay on your website. This will keep your website traffic good and bounce back low.

I have seen whose blog is on top of Google search result, he has a premium theme.

According to me, there is a premium theme for Bloggers called Gennarrate Press.

generate press

Generatepress theme which is the lightweight and fastest theme for making an authority blog.

It will cost you $ 49 around.

8)Create a Facebook page

Is it possible to get traffic from facebook page?


Absolutely yes,

It is easy to bring traffic from Facebook page/group to website. Create a good Facebook page and then grow it and increase more followers or engage them.

Then put an attractive post in it and put a link of your post So User Direct can read your post.

I am using this trick currently.

9)Write Long Articles

The long article is very important in today’s competitions. According to Buzzsumo The one who writes long and quality content got more and more share and traffic.

There is also a benefit in writing long articles, you will not need to create a single backlink.

Because Google likes detailed, long and quality content, there is more chance Google will bring it to the top. If the article comes to the top, then traffic will be increased then revenue will also increase.

This is the only mistake of blogger that they write content but not quality content. Write quality content so that it gets a solution for its problem.

10)Do Podcast

Podcasts are going to be trending in 2020 and 2021. With the help of podcasts, bloggers and digital marketers are bringing traffic in thousands.

Like:-Neil Patel got a lot of traffic from only doing a podcast on Marketing School.



SO WE COVERED 10 proven strategies to increase instant website traffic IN THIS BLOG

  1. Use Attractive Blog Post Title

  2. Use Best Plugin

  3. Do On-Page SEO

  4. Do OFF-Page SEO

  5. Use the SSL Certificate

  6. Do Paid Advertisement

  7. Take Good theme for your website.

  8. Create a Facebook page

  9. Write Long Articles

  10. Do Podcast

Now Its Your Turn!

Share the method in comments which you implement and got results.

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