Blog Description: Tips TO Write A Perfect Blog Description

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Blog description is one of the most important factor to rank high on google.

If you want to rank on google first page then this blog is special for you I can provide you with different strategies with few examples and a perfect blog description

You must have read other description blogs, but this description blog will be different for you.

Read the entire blog because the blog/blogpost description will increase your Google ranking. This will bring it to the top of Google.

Don’t worry, I will clear all your questions, Confusion.

Today’s bloggers make the same mistake, they do not pay attention to the blog and blogpost description. They understand that it is not necessary to write a blog description and this is their worst mistake.

They do not write a perfect description, they do these mistakes –

  • They do not use keywords in the blog description/blog post.
  • Sometimes they never write.
  • They write over the limit Or write too short.

Blog or post description is the text which appears SERP before your link.

There are basically two types of description –

1. Blog Description – This is a description of your homepage which appears below your site link in SERP.

2. Post Description – This is a description of your blog post which appears below your blog post link in SERP.

Lets Start →

How to write blog/Homepage description?

Blog/homepage description means the description of your homepage which you give in the search result under the link.

STEP 1. First, you need to install a YOAST SEO plugin.

Go to add new plugin and install the Yoast SEO plugin. After install click on Active.

STEP 2. Go To Search Appearance.

Look at the left side must have written SEO. You place your cursor on it and Click 2 option search appearance.

STEP 3. Fill SEO Title And Meta Description.

After clicking on search appearance. then fill it Under the homepage heading, both these things.

wait If you have not understood this then see this image.

homepage description

then save it. finally, your homepage description is now successful. ok ok, thank me later (jokes apart). 

How To Write Good Homepage Description?

So lets move on how to write good homepage description?

  • Describe your website about.

Describe your website/blog if your blog is about shoes, providing knowledge then write it on the description.

  • Tell your expertise.

Tell your speciality that I am an expert in this thing. So people will believe that whatever they want, they can get that thing.

  • Use some eye-catchy description.

Write some catchy words so a user interacts with description.

What a perfect explanation about blog description! check out this blog.

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BONUS TIP:- Do not forget to MENTION your domain name/site name in description.

Amazing Examples Of Blog Description

1. ShoutMeLoud

shoutmeloud serp

2. Backlinko

backlinko serp

4. BloggingCage

blogging cage serp

Now I think you might have got an idea of how to write. All you have to do is define the features of yourself and give some functionality

so follow these examples and rank your website on top.

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How To Write Blog Post Description?

If you have a Yoast SEO plugin then read these things:-

Open your post where at the bottom of the post section you will find Yoast SEO section.

Like This:-

blogpost description

As you write, it will become green. Now you will not understand when you do practical then you will understand

Note: You have to give only sneak peek of your content in the description so when a user comes across your results so they don’t leave your blog without reading. With that, you will get only targeted people who are actually interested to get some help.

or one thing please don’t write long or too short.

My Personal Trick to Write a Blogpost Description

I will give you my personal trick to writing a blog post description. it will help you to increase your ranking and much more changes.

So let’s reveal it

1. Use Your Main Keyword

You must use your main keyword in the meta description. so it’s easy to understand google crawler, and will bring your site on the top.

2. Always Write Unique

Make your blog post description unique or creative as much as you can. it will make your blog look different from others.

3. No More Than 160 Characters

Do not write more than 160 characters, it will not only make your descriptions bad, your rankings can also fall.

Don’t ignore this point it will really help your blogpost.

4. Writing Blog Description Peacefully

Write a blog description comfortably and write with understanding.

How To Add Blog Description On Blogger?

If you write a blog on the Blogger platform then follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Go to blogger dashboard and then click on setting


Step 2:- Click on “Search Preferences” option on setting option.

Step 3:- Click to Meta Description “On” usually it off so, On it then you can easily add a blog description in blogger platform.

I think it will help you.

 Optimize Blog Post Description

To rank high in google search results you need to make it attractive.

Add your main keyword which will helps google to know what your post is about?

Make it a Teaser For Your Blog Post in few words (MAKE IT SWEET AND SIMPLE)

  • Learn how to..
  • Get all the..
  • Take a look at how..

Use LSI Keywords which helps to rank in related keywords of your main keyword. It will make boost organic clicks by 57%.

Check out your competitor’s description with Mangools Google SERP Simulator and steal their ideas and implement them in your post.

In the last Add Call to Action where you are telling the user that you have to click here for your solution in a unique way which will increase organic traffic effectively.

  • ..Click Here!
  • ..Learn How!
  • ..Want To Know More?

FAQ Related To Blog Description

What is Blog Description?

What is Blog Post Description?

Now So Do It Yourself

So now it’s your turn, Implement all these steps and make your blog and blog post top of the google search results.

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