5 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2020

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If you are a blogger and want to grow your blog fast then this blog is for you.

I will tell you that 5 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2020 will help you to grow in the blogging industry.

This is not a short trick or trick to earn money. it is just for you to save time and for smart work. So if you have come to the thought that you do not have to put effort, then this blog is not for you.

You have to put effort, you will get success only

Tools are installed on the top bar of the chrome, which makes your work speed faster work smart.

Google Chrome is the most popular today’s date. Its best part is the chrome extension which makes your work faster. Google Chrome has more than thousands of extensions.

But I will tell you the 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers so read the entire blog, and every single point I will give you a direct link. so you may not confused.

5 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers In 2020 To Save Tons Of Your Time

So Lets Started Without Wasting Time.

1. SEOquake Chrome Extension


SEOquake is a tool we implemented in the marketing department as a browser extension to analyze websites and provide deeper insight.

My Views On This Extention:-

I like that SEOquake is an easy to use SEO extension. I also like that you can go on pretty much any website to do site audits, making it easy to use for customers or for my own site. It breaks down a lot of information– including site infrastructure, backlinks, and density.

Install SEOquake

2. Grammarly

If you are a blogger, then you must have made a mistake in writing a blog then, you should use this Grammarly Extension.

Grammarly is the world popular program in the correction.

when you write a blog Sure you must be confused between in, the, a, are, etc. so when you use this Extention Grammarly they fix herself.

You can also use Grammarly in more platforms like – QuoraGoogle DocsFacebook postGmail and many more platforms. I also use personally because I am also not perfect in grammar. ( mein khud grammar ka concept 10th mein smjha hu.)first, you register on her official website make account then setup. Grammarly has also a premium package which has a more feature than the free one. I highly recommend you to go with premium version Within that, the team of Grammarly will support you and will make your blog a professional blog. and avoid serious and deep mistakes.

Install Grammarly

3. ColorPick Eye Dropper

I personally liked the Colorpick eye dropper because while designing the page. He gives me a direct code. You will understand when you do practical work.

just click on colour pick extension when you are on desktop or else website then move your cursor on colour which love.

Install Colour Pick Eye Dropper

4. Awesome Screenshot: SCREEN VIDEO RECORDER

Tons of subscribers ask for me. How I take a screenshot?

So, the answer is Awesome Screenshot: SCREEN VIDEO RECORDER it is a google Extention. which I personally use.

Keys Which Help You To Take A Screenshot?

  • You can also take a full website screenshot with this key – (ctrl + shift +  E) (to capture entire page)
  • You can also take a screenshot of the visible part of screen use this key –(Ctrl + Shift + Z) (to capture visible part)
  • You can also take a selected area screenshot with this key – (Ctrl + Shift + S) (to capture selected area)

So I recommend this Extension personally.

Install Awesome Screenshot

5. SimilarWeb

The similar web is the extension which helps you to the analytics of any website. so I personally use this Extension and I go to any website and click on a similar web extension than similar web automatically take monthly traffic of the website.

You can see the above image they mention a Global rank, country rank and visits over time.

Install SimilarWeb

So you can use these 5 best chrome extensions for bloggers in 2020. Your time decreased and content value will increase.

  • SEOquake Chrome Extension

  • Grammarly

  • ColorPick Eye Dropper

  • Awesome Screenshot: SCREEN VIDEO RECORDER

  • SimilarWeb


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